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Business ain’t easy. We make it so.

That – in a few words – is the goal of Kickstart Magazine.

This is because we realize that starting – and then running – a business isn’t that (always) easy. Heck, if it is, everyone would be doing it.

Like you, we know the many questions plaguing biz owners (prospective, existing, and the growing):

  • How do you start?
  • How much capital do you need? How do you market your biz, particularly in a changing world (that’s tech reliant)?
  • What tech can you use to grow your biz (considering, perhaps, your still limited budget)?
  • Who tried doing a biz you’re interested in doing; and did he/she succeed?
  • Are there people you can learn from based on their success stories?

And so with experienced and award-winning journalists, and with biz owners too, we try to give you info you need that could help you… just grow.



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