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A go-to for WordPress needs

When establishing your company’s website, WordPress will be a CMS option. But not everyone is very techie to understand it. Here’s where FixRunner enters the picture to offer needed support.



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Sam Mulaim – 40, founder and CEO of FixRunner – first came up with the idea of FixRunner in 2013.

“Back then, I was doing affiliate marketing for over 100 WordPress websites I owned and I was making most of my income from selling leads in different industries. While I was managing so many websites I saw how much time it was taking out of me to manage and maintain all of the websites I have, so I hired developers full time to do the maintenance for me. Every time I needed support they were available for me, I got what I needed quickly and efficiently.”

At this point, Mulaim was already thinking that it would be nice to provide a service that will offer quick, reliable and affordable 24/7 support. “Back then there were only a few sites that offered this type of service and it seemed like a good idea,” he recalled. “However, after the website was complete it was just one more website in the sea of other websites I owned. I wasn’t completely focused on FixRunner and was still doing mostly affiliate marketing. All this time I knew that I need to focus on FixRunner and in order for it to be successful I need to be 100% committed to it.”

In the beggining of 2016, he decided to stop everything he was doing and work on just developing FixRunner.

“It wasn’t easy to make this decision but today I can say it was probably the best decision of my life. Today I have (over 20) great people working at FixRunner providing premium WordPress support and I just love my job.”

FixRunner, according to him, is different from others in the market because of two things.

“Our business model of ‘let us give you the service first and you can pay for it later’, and even more important is how fast we reply and fix the issues at hand,” he said. “I don’t know any other WordPress support service that offers the same model.”

For instance, “when a new client comes to ask for help, we understand that the priority is to fix the issues as soon as possible, so we will provide a quote and if it’s approved we fix the issue immediately. Only after the client is 100% satisfied (will) he pay for the service. As a result, many clients that come for a one time fix, end up purchasing a monthly subscription with us and we provide them with 24/7 support.”

FixRunner’s business model, he added, “is something that I wanted to do from the start. Many people that come and use our service for the first time don’t really know who we are, so offering them the fix first and then going forward with the payment makes the whole thing much easier. I firmly believe that we should charge the customer only if he is 100% happy.”

Now why the focus on WordPress?

“WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and it keeps growing. I’ve been using WordPress for many years and I believe that nothing comes even close to it,” Mulaim said, adding that “it’s the most simple CMS with the biggest room/potential for growth.”

This specialization means that, yes, “we provided only WordPress support and we do not plan to provide support for any other platform.”

In fact, “the only new service that we will add in the following year is our own Google cloud-managed WordPress hosting. We offer support plans that include managing WordPress hosting, but we do it with our different hosting partners. We feel like its time to build our own super-fast, reliable and secure WP hosting.”

“Our business model of ‘let us give you the service first and you can pay for it later’, and even more important is how fast we reply and fix the issues at hand,” Sam Mulaim said. “I don’t know any other WordPress support service that offers the same model.”

A big issue is security – since clients will, basically, put their trust in FixRunner by providing the company with information they would otherwise not provide to other people.

In the case of Fix Runner, “most of our customers… create a unique user for us from their WordPress dashboard. This gives them the option to remove access to the website at any time. That makes the process very simple and secure. As for our members, we connect their website to a management software with a plugin where all login info is hidden and we can login with one click. Our system also monitors everyone that logs to the clients website from our system.”

For Mulaim, this is a win-win approach.

And so for panicking WordPress users if or when they encounter issues, Mulaim has this to say: “You wouldn’t believe how many people simply aren’t backing up their websites. This is the first and most important thing every WordPress user should do. The second thing is to keep everything updated – WordPress, theme and plugins. This will help with website security. If you are running into issues with your website and you don’t have the budget to hire professionals you can easily find a lot of free guides online, or you can also visit our blog where we offer many free guides and tips on how to fix different WordPress issues.”

For more info (or get that needed support), head to FixRunner.

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Making DIY packaging unique via ‘Put It In Paper’

It was around August 2017 when Gem Zapanta established “Put It In Paper”, with a start-up capital of PhP5,000. It was an easy decision to make, since Gem was the “go-to person for stationery and DIY (for) my peers.”



It was around August 2017 when Gem Zapanta established “Put It In Paper”, with a start-up capital of PhP5,000. It was an easy decision to make, since Gem was the “go-to person for stationery and DIY (for) my peers,” she said, adding that “I had too much stationery so I started selling those I didn’t use.”

But now a successful business, “Put It In Paper” tries to be unique, according to Gem. And this uniqueness is what sets it apart from others.

“I create value and experience for my clients,” she said, adding that with “Put It In Paper”, a client does not “just buy stationeries or have your invitation or wax seal made. Instead, I involve the clients in the process. thereby making it a unique experience for each and every item/parcel/project.”

Gem added that with “Put It In Paper”, what’s produced is “made specifically for you.”

Curious to try some of the offerings of “Put It In Paper”” Must-grab are the customized wax seal stamps, selling from PhP1,200.

But there’s more, so head to Instagram: @putitinpaper (

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Attention to detail as an edge for The Holy Crab PH

Lia Monica H. Chua established The Holy Crab PH in October 2018 with a starting capital of PhP50,000. ROI was attained in just a few months.



Lia Monica H. Chua established The Holy Crab PH (with a business partner; who happens to be her mentor) in October 2018 with a starting capital of PhP50,000.

“There’s no big difference in terms of flavors or the cooking style we do in preparing our seafood versus others, since our bestselling platters can also be prepared from (other locations),” Lia admitted. But still, “what sets us apart is our attention to detail, receptive customer service and how we value customer feedback.”

These approaches have been helping define The Holy Crab PH.

To start, “I can say with certainty that our products are prepared in the most meticulous way possible, as we value consistency in the quality of our products… We (also) take great pride in the cleanliness and quality of our products. Similarly, all ingredients that do not pass are immediately withdrawn from the preparation line, and these are not to be served to our customers.”

Secondly, The Holy Crab PH takes pride in its customer service, including “how you engage with the customer, how fast you reply and how you address their concerns. We go by the statement that ‘customer is king’. We treat our customers as a part of our business, and we make sure to treat them with respect and to address their concerns and inquiries in a timely manner.”

And thirdly, The Holy Crab PH focuses on customer feedback. “Feedback from customers are the best indicator on which aspects you are strong in, and which you need to further improve on. In The Holy Crab PH, we make it a point to understand the customer’s experience with our service and product. You can never avoid criticism, but it is essential you learn from them.”

These are the reasons, too, why The Holy Crab PH was able to get ROI after operating for just a few month.

Curious to check the bestsellers?

Try the Crabs and Shrimps Platter in the signature butter garlic flavor. A tray costs PhP1,399, and this contains a kilo of crabs and 400 grams of shrimps.

Must-try, too, is the Baked Salmon topped in creamy cheese sauce. Regular size good for four to five people costs PhP1,499, while the party size good for eight to 10 people costs PhP2,399.

And yes, there’s the Surf n’ Turf rib party platter, which includes a combination of crabs, shrimps and the American back ribs. Prices range from PhP2,999 to PhP3,999 depending on the size.

For more information about The Holy Crab PH, head to Facebook ( or Instagram (; or email

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Must-try offerings of Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner

Try the offerings of Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner not just for a cause but also because they’re really yummy.



Eight years ago, Lordei Camille Anjuli, then a fourth-year UP Diliman B.S Political Science student and active student leader, was robbed, stabbed seven times in the left side of her head with an ice pick and beaten in the face with a metal object.

The most fatal stab wound pierced through from the left to the right side of her brain (just like “na-barbecue”); likewise, a skull bone fragment of one centimeter in size got embedded in her brain. Moreover, the beating before the deadly stabbing fractured both of Lordei’s sinuses and nose bridge.

Lordei survived as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) victim. But the double brain injuries impaired Lordei’s memory, speech, cognitive and motor skills.

To engage in a productive activity as part of her therapy based on the advice of her doctor, Lordei started baking.

This gave birth to Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner.

“The business is also a way to help her augment the cost of her continued medication and therapies,” said Connie Hina, Lordei’s mom. “As a single mother, I am the sole breadwinner for my daughter.”


What makes Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner’s offerings different from others in the market is “that we always take pride in our use of high quality ingredients and a blend of different spices and herbs. Meaning, our products are not so sweet as compared to those available commercially.”

For example, for carrot cake, one can taste more of the carrot than the flour. Same with banana and apple cinnamon loaves.

“It is also baked with love and passion as we want our supporters and patrons not just to feel satisfied and get back their money’s worth, but it can create unique taste memories for them and those others who have tasted; for them to remember the taste of Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner,” Connie said.

These approaches have been working.

“So far, we received very positive and highly favorable reviews. Common comments are ‘hindi tinipid ang ingredients at mas masarap kaysa other commercially available ones’. There have been comments also that our products are like those being served in five star hotels,” Connie smiled.

The goods are sought after, in fact, that “we thought we will only be delivering here in Metro Manila, but our baked goods have reached as far as Norther Samar, Laguna and Rizal. We also have repeat customers and supporters who are from abroad, e.g. Malta, Iraq, Laos, Sweden, Australia, etc. who ordered online to be delivered to their families here in Metro Maniola as a surprise and gesture that they care. We also get orders from other provinces like Leyte and North Cotabato to be delivered for friends and relatives here in Metro Manila.”


What are the bestsellers?

For cakes, try the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and triple dark chocolate cake with peppermint mousse (PhP 950 and PhP900 per piece, respectively).

For the loaves, try the banana loaf and apple cinnamon (PhP300 and PhP350 per piece, respectively).

For the cookies, definitely try the chocolate crinkles (PhP235 per dozen).

The prices exclude the delivery fee, which is paid by those who ordered.

That these goods should be tried is a given.

To support Lordei’s Whip & Bake Corner, head to Facebook; email; or call/text 09566090363.

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